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At  A Dragonfly Designs, chalkboard art and design is our specialty.


From menus boards to weddings we create artistic chalkboard signage for all occasions. 


Energy is everything!

For your customers visiting & your employees coming to work daily, environment can make that difference. I create Sidewalk A-frame signs, Food menus, Tabletop signs, Directional signs, & street vendor signs.


These handwritten/painted signage boards give your business a personal touch, increases visibility & creates the right mood/energy for your growing business.


*Fill out the ‘Design Me’ Form for an estimate for your business project package

Business Chalk
Wedding Chalk


On your special day, detail is key! 

The right kind of signage creates the mood, for you, your future life partner & guests. I create hand-written/painted signage starting from your Welcome signs, Seating charts, Food/Bar menu, Photo booth/IG/hashtag boards etc.

Lets collaborate on our ideas & my art to make your wedding the most memorable day.

*Fill out the ‘Design Me’ Form for an estimate for your wedding project package.

Party Chalk


Life is a party!

I can create signage for any celebration you are hosting. For a Bridal shower, Birthday, Bachelorette/Bachelor party signs, Baby shower etc

Handwritten/painted signage is a great, unique touch to your next party.


*Fill out the ‘Design Me’ Form for an estimate for your party project package

Artistic Chalk Gallery
Chalk FAQ's
  • It says chalk signage but does NOT look like the ordinary chalk material im used to seeing?
    Although we all grew up with the original dry, drawing chalk for blackboards, the plain white & the mult-color types, i've appreciated but grew out of them. I use chalkboard ink markers, they are sort of a paint medium for projects. I LOVE, LOVE the clear, crisp lines that these type of chalk markers provide & im able to blend colors to create depth & vibrancy to any piece just like paint. Check out my “Chalk Gallery” below & see my past projects. I do not use projectors or stencils, everything is hand painted/drawn for you.
  • Are the chalk markers easy to erase from blackboard?
    Depends. If you request a sealant to be applied to preserve artwork then the answer is no. If no sealant is requested then the answer is yes. To remove chalk simply spray water to board or a cloth & wipe away. NOTE: Some lighter/bright colors may not erase cleanly or completely, leaving a slight “shadow-like” appearance of the art, but for the most part all art will be gone. If you would like your blackboard to be dark/clean again, you can spray with Rust-Oleum Specialty Flat Black Chalkboard spray or Krylon Chalkboard spray paint. I use these products typically to get a clean, crisp chalkboard surface before I start to create. They are very easy to use!
  • If I get my boards sealed can I get them back to a clean, clear, black chalkboard state?"
    Yes. Use the same products mentioned in above answer but just use more coats to get desired appearance.
  • Are the chalk markers easy to erase from mirrors?
    Yes. maybe too easy! I do not apply a sealant to these types of pieces so not to change the overall look of the artwork. NOTE: In saying this if you know you will be having an outdoor wedding/event, location/placement will be key due to weather conditions. Also humidity may be a villain to your mirror. The chalk marker ink is easily erased by a finger, cloth/wet cloth or if it has been on the mirror for awhile you can use clorox wipes & glass cleaner. FunFact: The clorox wipes & glass cleaner was informed to me by one of my brides who told me it was really hard for her to part with my artwork but needed to use the mirrors in her new home (as she planned) more than 6 months later. ~Thankyou Mila
  • Can I make a particular surface blackboard/chalk ink ready for a special design/project?
    Very possible! Contact me! We'll collaborate & figure something out. I love to be able to create “out the box” & even up-cycle something you have to create something fresh & new.
  • Do you or would you provide/rent/sell chalkboards?
    I only have a very small amount of boards to rent (mostly A-Frame)-which comes with added agreement contract & rental price will be included with your initial deposit. To expedite process: It is ideal to have me buy the boards & I will just include into the cost of project but price of boards will be due with your initial deposit. If you have your own boards*, OR newly bought have shipped directly to my home “DragonflyStudio” & take care of pick up process in any situation.
  • Do you use other mediums to create other than chalk ink?
    Yes. I can use other mediums on request IE: oil, acrylic etc. We can definitely talk about what your vision is with what with physically work.
  • How do I hire you to create for me?
    Click on “Design Me” Fill out the “Design Me” Questionnaire I will contact you with any follow up questions if any & give an estimate for my art You decide to move forward: (1) Deposit delivered, (2) Project/Payment Agreement signed & sent to me. Once I receive both, you are ”Booked” Scheduling of Pick-Up & Delivery discussed Very basic sketch of ideas produced & send to you for the thumbs up Creation Time! Pick-Up/Delivery & remaining balance due NOTE: Booking me one month prior to special occasion is ideal to meet the needed time frame for completion. Projects needed in less than one month will be subject to a higher rate, depending on concurrent projects and availability. **won't hurt to ask if I can squeeze you in!!**
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    Cash is good anytime. Credit/Debit via Square or PayPal Venmo
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